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So Many Ways is all things good about metal, rock, and punk incarnated in five passionate, all-American musicians. This embodiment of pure badassness propels the members of So Many Ways to wreck necks at all costs until the world remembers what these unholy genres are supposed to be about.

With the upcoming release of their SEER EP on Staple Records (11/19/13), So Many Ways showcase six genre-bombing riff-heavy, melodic, high-velocity tracks. If punk rock met Van Halen’s 1984 and went to a bar to listen to The Dillinger Escape Plan… there would still be something missing from a metaphor for the music SMW has created.

Originally from other parts of the country, Jason, Murphy, and Colin met while attending Columbia College in Chicago where they were all living in the same dorm. The band eventually took shape in 2009 with the release of their first EP. Over the next few years, the band continued to play countless shows in Chicago and to tour nationally and subsequently met Alex and Johnny as a result of sharing the bill with their previous bands.

“We all come from very different musical backgrounds,” says Colin, “but when you get down to it, we are all just a bunch of hardcore/metal heads with a deep passion for Top 40 radio, 80's metal, and all things guitar.” 

Chaotic live shows and proficient, technical musicianship come together to create something original and all its own. With three EPs, countless Chicago shows, and several tours already completed So Many Ways is prepared to make a mark in music and become the harbinger for a new, more honest way to shred.

“The art we create - technical and fast, but catchy enough to leave you with something stuck in your head - is essentially a representation of all the things we love about music,” adds Jason.  “Speed, melody, and above all else, guitar solos!”

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